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You can be privy to much more than just basic facebook or instagram posts, this is a real life stream of content, live footage of shows, jam sessions in the ‘Snakepit Studios, London, local all star visiting musicians who come for dinner, writing sessions at her bi annual Cyprus writing retreat and following the writers progress throughout, The Blues and Stews parties, watching the process and sneak previews of early recording sessions.
Bex will also be writing a weekly blog, A much more personal and entertaining way to enjoy and share the real musical journey where things can go either way, the ‘no safety net’ approach the concentrated focus of faith and belief, the things that normally are kept private and never aired….now you can see the real deal of what its like as an independent artist, touring, juggling and creating a life of music …AND FOOD. with her A-Team band and partner Chef Jonathon the real life drama is something you can really enjoy as well as seeing and hearing the music in your own time. Freebies, downloads, merchandise etc is also perks of becoming a Patreon.
From as little as a pound a month you can get Bex Blog and a glimpse into the real daily life of a Blues Artist, sign up for a bit more (5 differnt tiers) and you’ll be able to chat, receive clips of new tracks and give opinions on them, it goes up in tiers and you choose how much you are happy to contribute a month. Its the perfect way to keep in touch with one of your favorite artists while helping them support their music independently as their music becomes more available for less.
Become a Patron!