this is great …im excited…I have set up a new Patreon page!! and if your not aware of Patreon then let me enlighten you 🙂
It works both ways really ..on my travels I have met some really great people, genuine people who really enjoy the shows and over the years my records, they make the effort to come up to me and tell me how they feel about my music…my performances….how my songs have effected them and what they like to hear my play…
they have bought the records and they follow my facebook and Insta posts as I tour and live..well now I have something a little more personal and current …’A Patreon Page’…its where my friends and fans can follow me a little more closely where they will get a bit more of me on a regular basis, following my travels some times literally, watching my shows and seeing the in between bits of my world…which is sometimes pretty out there..
I’ll be writing blogs and taking footage and narrating live as it happens with the fantastic people that surround me…with technology I can be my own reality show!!
you’ll get to meet them all and listen to much much more of Bex Marshalls life..but its not for the curtain twitchers etc…this is for the people that really like seeing hows things are moving forward …or backwards,its real…every month a min of $1 comes out of your account and contributes towards covering independent expenses of what we do … these days royalties of records are diminishing and the costs of recording and touring go up …now its simple to do, there are different tiers you can choose to join and you can leave at anytime…so if you really appreciate the artist that is BM …be a real FAN!! become a Patreon today and keep us on the road while watching us create and break into territories worldwide!!
Become a Patron!